Health is our most precious asset. And because we value yours and that of our employees, we strive to promote health and wellness both through our products and through our workplace health and safety policies.

Employee health and safety: a constant quest for improvement

Employee health and wellness?are an integral part of our corporate culture and our management system. We work to ensure that our employees benefit from sound management practices and a congenial work environment. Moreover, Lassonde is known for offering a good work-life balance. We encourage healthy life habits. It is for these reasons among others that we received the BNQ’s “healthy enterprise” certification for our Rougemont plants.

Consumer health and safety: great taste without compromise

Lassonde commercializes products aimed at preserving or enhancing the health of our consumers. Accordingly, innovation is part of our DNA as a company. Investment in innovation is an essential ingredient in our product development recipe. We give our R&D team the resources they need to generate new ideas, whether we are seeking to create juices or protein drinks for private labels or our national brands, or whether we are devising new processes.

We maintain an unwavering commitment to excellence and to improving our food safety system. We understand the importance of managing our food safety policy in such a way as to ensure continuous improvement through ongoing communication, the support and participation of our suppliers, employees and management.

When it comes to quality, our mission is to ensure that our final products fulfill established requirements and conform to a high food safety standard, while meeting the expectations of our customers and consumers.

Taking community health to heart

Health is our most precious gift. Most Canadians (87%) are likely to be affected by a chronic disease or serious illness at some point in their lifetime. Lassonde is committed to promoting healthy life habits while supporting several worthy causes in communities across Canada. We are a proud partner of a variety of organizations and events through our donation and sponsorship programs.

To know more about how we encourage our employees, the consumers and our communities to invest in their health, read our?2017 Sustainable Development Report.